When Jeff Galloway asked his running group if they wore sunglasses while they ran, the answer was a resounding squawwwwwwk! The Galloway Runners favor goodrs, which means that most of them have started speaking in a new hybrid Flamingo-English language (“Flaminglish”) which mostly involves sprinkling high-spirited squawks whenever an expletive or exclamation is called for.

Intrigued, Jeff reached out to our fearless leader and CEO, Carl the Flamingo, for an interview to learn more about why everyone loves goodr. Carl doesn’t give interviews, so he sent our Chief Executive Octopus, Stephen, as his proxy to The Extra Mile podcast,

So sit back, grab a piña colada, sit your flamingo-loving ass down and listen to the interview. (Pssst…Stephen comes on at 1:26:00 in case you’re in a hurry to get to happy hour).

Listen here!