‘Tis the season for harvest fairs and pie eating… err… making contests! When the folks here at goodr heard about Peggy Sue’s big win, we decided to take a recipe from her arsenal with these key lime #winning polarized shades.

lime green running sunglasses


When life gives you limes, make pie.

Peggy Sue, local lime farmer, swept gold at the 75th Annual Pie Contest. Beating out Mrs. Maple’s famous Pecan Pie that took gold the previous 68 years. SoCal born, Peggy Sue was inspired to use the citrus so near and dear to her heart. When asked why, Peggy said, “I want people to look at a lime and see more than just margaritas and artificially infused bud light, I want to make limes the star of a dish.” It seems she finally found the perfect dish for her limes to shine in.

Earlier this year her lime cookies made children cry at the school bake sale. Never underestimate the power of lime or the power of sugar.