It’s a bloodbath out there. Leonidas will tell you. R.I.P. Thankfully though, we’re not getting put into mandatory bad@$$ Spartan training at age 7. So chill out a little.

Here is what our Spartan training looks like:

Step 1: 

Put on these spiffy black and red Spartan inspired polarized sunglasses.

Step 2:


84 Shrimp

2 Piña coladas

16 Burpees

1 500m Hill sprint

3… 2…1… GO!!!


*** goodr CEO, Carl the Flamingo wrote that workout while testing out a BEAST goodr GAMS. He also completed it in 24 minutes 32 seconds. He’s also a flamingo. We don’t suggest you try this at home. But if you do… we want to hear about it!

crossfit athletes with spartan sunglasses