History is so fascinating. Take this tidbit for example: Genghis Khan, crazyass Mongolian leader was a burger eater! His army actually is credited for helping make the burger a thing. It’s pretty gross, but wonderfully clever– these guys were on horseback, clippin’ along, attempting total world domination. Much like murderous Dexter’s bizarre joy of eating in the car, the cavalry ate while riding. To do this, they wrapped up slices of meat under their saddles. The pressure and motion caused it to crumble and pack into a patty, while the heat and friction cooked it up real nice. From rare to well done, these guys were culinary pioneers and didn’t even know it. 

Thankfully, the hamburger has come a long way since the early days of minced-meat-saddle-pressed-patties. America’s fast-food industry would have surely struggled if it required the hiring of horsemen to keep up with Big Mac or Whopper demands. It’d be fabulous for horse unemployment rates. With Americans consuming around 50 billion burgers a year, that would be employing a ridiculous amount of horses! It is not known, nor has been tested how many patties can be squished and sizzled at a time saddle style. It’s probably best that a stat like that stays unknown…

Innovation has turned the burger into yet another one of those delicious foods that you find yourself wanting at random hours, for no specific reason. There is a special feeling one gets from a good burger (unless you’re a vegetarian or vegan… then please ignore everything we’re saying). 

Next time you’re craving a meaty, juicy hamburger, pop on these red framed, burger printed, polarized sunglasses with gold reflective lenses, and order up!

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