Known Fashion Powerhouse goodr Releases New SUNNY COUTURE Line of Running Performance Runway Sunglasses  

Los Angeles, CA  – September 25, 2019 – goodr announced today that the high fashion designer label will premiere its new high-fashion SUNNY COUTURE line at its prestigious Sunny Couture early launch, high-fashion party at The goodr Cabana on October 5th. The full-release online and at retail outlets offering goodr will take place on October 9th for runners and off-duty models living outside of Southern California. 

The SUNNY COUTURE high-fashion line of sunglasses is a new line of colorways of goodr’s highly coveted fashion forward Runway style frame. Fans of goodr and international press outlets that covered the story might recall when goodr broke the internet** with the release of their Fall 2018 Runway release. The Runway style is a cateye-shaped frame with all of the no slip, no bounce, all polarized performance the public has come to expect from the popular two-time Runner’s World Gear of the Year winning brand.


The line of six sunglasses includes a stunning array of cheekily monikered colorways tailored to the fashionista who runs or the runnerista who fashions. 

In a recent Instagram post, goodr CEO, Carl the Flamingo, said, “Squawwwwwwk! Squawk: squawk squawk squawk squawk, squawk — squawk!” Which translates to, “We are delighted to release Sunny Couture! There are just six things that make any life fulfilling: shrimp, piña coladas, fashion fashion fashion, and — running!”

At The goodr Cabana high- fashion early launch event, runners participating in the high-fashion group run are encouraged to don their best high-fashion #lewk for a chance to win a high-fashion Sunny Couture press box. Attendees can RSVP to the event here. Tickets start at $10,000.00***


Our Mission: We are recklessly committed to fun and blah blah blah…sunglasses. Badass running sunglasses that speak to the 4 Fs: Fun, Fashionable, Functional and Ffordable. @goodr |

*Not, like, America’s Top Model models, but just, you know, all of the best and most famous models in America. 
** crashed during the Runway release. It was epic. 
***FALSE. This event is free, but fashion press releases require that at least one obscene monetary figure be included.