Toucan Sam has always been an odd duck. goodr CEO, Carl the Flamingo, actually met her once, way back, at the flamboyance reunion. Carl’s second cousin’s uncle had adopted little Sammy, taking her under his wing. Literally. Carl knew there was something different about Sam when she insisted on eating fruity crunchy sugar O’s instead of shrimp. Strange behavior, even for a Toucan…

Carl was just a flaminglet, but he remembered Sam driving a 1985 yellow VW Bug and rocking colorful shades. Although unique, she had a flair he admired.

Fast forward 23 years, and this wanted poster shows up in the New York Times:

Sunglasses WANTED Poster



Jolly feathered creature wanted for running like a maniac around Brooklyn. 1985 yellow VW Bug found abandoned full of empty cereal boxes. Claims her purple, pink, and white polarized sunglasses are telling her to keep running. Causing major traffic infractions. States she signed up for a 200 mile foot race and is “training.” Definitely hit loopy loon status. Goes by the name of “Son of Toucan Sam.” Harmless, but to be safe, keep children away.