The Silverback is the beast of beasts. He is very secretive about his workouts, but there is one thing we know for sure… he never skips leg day. In fact, we’re pretty sure every day is leg day for this guy.

Scientists first discovered this creature thanks to a message in a bottle, found washed up 200,000 miles away from the island of Gitche Gumee. We were able to obtain a copy and hope it inspires you to get down and work the bottom of your squat, because let’s face it, mobility is king.


On the shores of Gitche Gumee, 

By the big sea shining water 

Stood the Silverback in all his might

Squats so deep those glutes are tight 

Who is that mighty beast 

What beast is this who can’t be beat

Who is this mighty beast,

with perfect squat mobility

Silverback The King of ALL Beasts!

Now put these shades on and get ready to squat your pants off. You don’t need to walk tomorrow.

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