For those that can’t read Mark’s chicken scratches…

How to Get a Clean Shave
by Mark Skids – Amateur Pro-level Cyclist

1) Set alarm for 30 min before sunrise.
(I recommend ringtone, “uplift” to start the day ++)

2) Grab Mark Skids Official Leg Shave Kit
(Pura Pursh Purchase Not Required – just Barbasol, razor of choice)

3) Arrive Velodrome at sunrise

4) Use water bottle to wet leg

5) Pump a perfect circle, Hackie Sack size into palm

6) Slather sensually* onto leg

7) Exhale deep, press shoulders down

8) Spit on razor

9) Start mid-calf, pull toward groin without lifting razor

10) Shake hair/ ‘Sol from razor

11) Repeat steps 9, 10 to completion

12) Using no ‘Sol, shave from ankle to mid-calf

13) Ride baby, ride