They say, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Are they alluding that you’ll get out scratch free? Once you’re in hell I don’t think the devil just lets you “keep going” until you run through a door into a better realm? (If that’s the case… maybe that ultra training will actually pay off?!) All we know for certain is that these remixed black polarized sunglasses with pitchfork graphics and amber reflective lenses will give you some style points with Lucifer himself. How can we be so sure? Well, in the early goodr days, Lord Satan attended a board meeting, ending in all the vomit spillith to the floor. With that the iconic sunglasses, Whiskey Shots with Satan were born. Hear how that went down here.

It was such a memorable experience that during the design process of these new iconic shades we invited the devil to the goodr Lagoon (our swanky name for the HQ) and asked him what he thought. 

goodr employee: “Hey Satan! Thanks for joining us today. How was the trip here?”

** The Devil’s stomach gurgled, could he be nervous? **

The Devil: “I could not have been more impressed with the LA traffic! I’m not sure I could have created a more heinous system. It seems like there may be a piece of Satan in all you Los Angelians after all.”

goodr employee: “We couldn’t agree more! It’s likely that LA’s classic 2 hour drive to travel 12 miles inspired these devilish shades. If only we all had working pitchforks to take down the vehicles obstructing our paths!”

** An atrocious smell filled the air. **

The Devil: “That could be arranged…”

goodr employee: “Tempting… How have you been since we last met? Any cool shit happening in hell?”

The Devil: “It’s a lonely place. Everyone wants to talk about sex and cars and money. Very hard to have real conversations with anyone anymore. I tried to start a running group and everyone just laughed at me.”

goodr employee: “That’s tough. Why do you think that is Satan?”

The Devil: “No idea.”

** As the smell thickened, the fine folks at goodr tried to move the meeting along. **

goodr employee: “Any who, here they are! We can’t wait to get your opinion on them!”

** Employee presents Satan with the sunglasses… and in that same moment, the Devil let out a rip roaring fart. **

The Devil: “SEE YOU IN HELL!” 

His face redder than usual, he snapped his fingers, a shot of whiskey appeared on the table in front of everyone in the meeting. He slammed his back without a pause, and then snapped his fingers again. His face even redder. Nothing happened. Another snap! “There it goes…” He went up awkwardly in a massive fireball. It triggered the fire alarms, but the flames extinguished on their own and left a large burn mark streak on the seat of Satan’s chair. Perhaps he pooped himself and that’s why he left in such a rush? We opted not to get close enough to the stained chair to find out. Long story short, based on the smooth taste of the whiskey shots he conjured up for us, we’re confident he approved of our design.

In the end, we don’t care which of the nine circles you end up in, just make sure you’re wearing these iconically remixed limited edition sunglasses. Looking forward to seeing you in hell!

goodr running sunglasses