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San Francisco Marathon Recap: 10 Things You Need to Know

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Here are the 10 things you need to know about the San Francisco Marathon. 
1. What movie does the race course remind us of? – Hmmmm….any movie that takes place in San Francisco.  The San Francisco Marathon is laid out perfectly. I’d like to meet the person who mapped out the route and shotgun a Coors Light with them. The course is a loop, and takes you by some of the city’s best sights:
  • The coastline
  • The Ferry Building
  • Fishermans Wharf
  • View of Alcatraz
  • Across the Golden Gate Bridge (twice)
  • Through Golden Gate Park
  • Across Haight and Ashbury
  • Around AT&T Park (where the Giants play)
  • Under the Bay Bridge

2. What’s the number one fashion trend seen on the course? – Neon party tanks, a personal favorite of mine. There was a severe lack of San Francisco Giants hats.

3. What was the best and worst runners swag seen during the race? 
  • Worst – When my running partner Ben’s (co-founder of goodr) nipples started to bleed at mile 13.
  • Best – When Ben took his his shirt off after his nipples started to bleed at mile 13. Let this be a lesson to the rest of you, if your nipples start to bleed, take your fucking shirt off.
4. What’s the one song you have to listen to while running this race? – The theme song to Full House, obviously. (We may or may not have bought that song just to use as our wakeup alarm on race day.)

5. What’s the most memorable thing seen during the race? Another great perk is FREE pictures! San Francisco Marathon is embracing the latest trend of giving away race day photos for free. Knowing this, I was able to get this magical moment captured…a mid-race pink belly. Look at the sheer joy on Ben’s face as I rub him down.

6. What’s the best and worst thing seen at an aid station? 
  • Worst – We saw a guy running the race dressed in an S&M leather outfit. Have you seen Pulp Fiction? Remember the gimp? That was the outfit he was wearing…no shit.
  • Best – See above, #6 “Worst.”

7. What’s the biggest mistake you made? – Not running harder to start. I left a lot in the tank at the finish.

8. At what mile did you start to question your training? – At mile 5 when I had to use bathroom already.

9. What was the best moment of the race? – I had two:

  • The Golden Gate Bridge When I first heard that the marathon route takes you across the Golden Gate Bridge, I was all in…and it didn’t disappoint. As we crossed, the clouds where rolling over the bay like something out of an Ansel Adams photo. Looking up, as we passed under the arches on the bridge, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of joy and pride. To make this experience even better, it’s at the perfect point in the race (mile 6) — early enough that you feel great, and late enough that you’re warmed up and settled into a pace. By the time you cross the bridge the second time you’ve crossed the first 10 miles off your race.
  • Mile 20 Miles 20 to 26.2 are all downhill (with some minor bumps). If you run a smart race, you can absolutely crush the final 10K, which makes this a great moment to take off your shirt as well…and I did.

10. What was our post race meal? – The most important thing you need to do before this race is plan the details for the amazing food you’re going to eat afterwards. In an A-list city like SF your post marathon meal should be belligerent and numerous. Here’s what we did to our bodies (we shared these items, in order):

  • Liter of coconut water
  • 4 Coors Light tallboys
  • An entire pizza
  • A Ghirardelli sundae and 2 IPAs
  • Fried shrimp and beer
  • A dozen oysters
  • Two soft shell crab BLTs
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