Right before Snoop decided to become a Rastafarian he got really into polka dots. Maybe from that feeling of staring at a piece of sheet music too hard. You, too, can put these sunglasses on your face and break that creative block.*


When it’s time to look 50s chic, ma

Polk it like it’s dot

If the stripes try to get at you, 

Polk it like it’s dot

If plaid just don’t suit your mood, 

Polk it like it’s dot

So if you need to wear somethin’ that says fashion and run (fashrun)

Put them dots on cause you got it going on


*Not guaranteed. Science** has proven that creative block is actually a fallacy…but these sunglasses might help you to feel more confident, which, in turn, might help you suss out the emotions underneath that “block.” 

**A few tweets by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Cateye Running Sunglasses