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Run goodr Manifesto

By June 1, 2015 January 31st, 2019 No Comments

We wrote this manifesto for the goodr brand. The purpose is to remind us and inform new comer to why we exists, who we are, and what we’re about.

If you like it share, if you don’t don’t. If you think it’s missing something, email us and let us know.

Run goodr Manifesto

If you show up and run, you are a runner…your time and distance are just numbers.

Treat all your friends like Goose treated Maverick, Spock treated Kirk or Thelma treated Louise (except you don’t have to die for them… but you should want to).

Live with purpose or live with a porpoise.

A good story is all the reason you need to try something. And if your story sucks, just lie to make it better! (bettr?)

Don’t stop moving until you’re dead (and even then, consider zombification).

Judge your runs not by your pace, but by the chest bumps, sweaty hugs, and consensual booty smacks you give.

Own your gear, don’t let your gear own you (aka, the Tyler Durden rule).

What you talk about on a run stays on the run.

Always risk the vanilla for a chance at the rocky road.

When pain shows up, find a place to put it (until you can have a beer).

Always remember the closest bathroom.

Dogs are the best kind of people.

There’s never a bad time to rock a party tank, except at a funeral.

Enjoy the uphill climbs as much as the downhill sprints. (Ooohhh and it’s a rich metaphor for life, too!)

Look good, run goodr.

We’re on the lookout for people with runner swag to be part of goodr. Do you want to contribute? Are you a writer, photographer, videographer, designer, and/or baller? Click here to drop us a line…let’s work together!