Carl the Flamingo might be the real CEO and voice of goodr, but Stephen Lease also claims the title of CEO here at goodr (Chief Executive Octopus, that is). Since it’s a little expensive to ship exotic animals around the world and there’s also a minor international Flamingo incident that Carl allegedly was involved in (he was framed), we’re sending Stephen off to Puerto Rico for the Running USA 2019 Industry Conference to represent Carl as the keynote speaker for the event. .

If you ask Endurance Sportswire, Running USA is pretty stoked to have Stephen on board: “This conference has got so many fun and innovative things going for it that adding Stephen’s talk on the power of quirky disruptive change was the perfect fit,” said Christine Bowen, vice president of programming, partnerships and operations for Running USA. “This brand has made a colorful splash in the industry and we expect this talk to do the same at the annual conference.”

You can take our word for it (and you totally should), but check out what they have to say about goodr’s upcoming performance and the rest of the killer conference.

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