It’s time for MARCH MANIA 2020!!!


Sadly, March Madness is cancelled. But don’t despair. Our bracket game is returning, and will fill 1/666th of the void.

Last year Flamingos On A Booze Cruise crushed the competition. But now there’s new sunglasses, new matchups, and new Russian scientists sneaking performance-enhancing drugs. (Stop it, Dr. Афанасий – we see you!)

Do you prefer Jorts For Your Face or a Sweater Vest For Your Face? Do you like Sun Bathing with Wizards or Ice Bathing With Wizards? Can Au, Revoir Gopher defeat Opossums’ Opposable Thumbs in a fight to the death?!

Each week you play you get a chance at winning some much envied Carl’s booty (we mean treasure, not his tail feathers) and a chance to win the ULTIMATE PRIZE! (No, not a solid gold basketball …that is what they win for March Madness, right???)

So how do you play?

Step 1:

See the bracket below for weekly matchups and strategize.

Step 2:

Vote for your favorite shades.

Step 3:

Stay tuned to find out who is the Champion!

(And Step 4: Take a shot of cinnamon whiskey. You earned it.)