An event for the ages…. the very first March Mania game is about to begin, and you’re invited!
Are you a fan of being Iced by Yetis, or Zombie Dragons? Are Swedish Meatball Hangovers better than Donkey Goggles? You decide which goodrs win the highest bragging rights as the hottest pair.
Each week you play you get a chance at winning some much envied Carl’s booty (we mean treasure, not his tail feathers) and a chance to win the ULTIMATE PRIZE!*

So how do you play?

Step 1:
See the bracket below for weekly matchups and strategize.
Step 2:
Scroll on down and vote for your favorite shades.
Step 3:
Stay tuned to find out who is the Champion!

*It’s not that washer/dryer set you’ve had your eye on, sorry.
** It’s still not the washer/dryer set.