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Leona Divide 50/50 Recap

By January 19, 2016 April 4th, 2018 No Comments

As with most ultras, the Leona Divide Ultra Marathon is a laid back event with good vibes.

You arrive in the dark and huddle with your fellow competitors to keep warm until the race starts. In my opinion, the plushest feature about this ultra is the double bag drop. The first bag drop is 8.8 miles in, so if you’re a little bitch like me you can wear long sleeves to start and drop your outer layer 8.8 miles in. At the second bag drop this year, there was the supreme bonus of Carlos dressed as the Incredible Hulk.

The course is beyond beautiful. Over 25 miles of the 50 Mile route is on the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail), and you’ll pass hard-core hikers who are braving the thousand mile trail. My best guess is they’re 350 miles into their journey. It kind of makes what you’re doing that day not such a big deal.
If you have the time, watch the movie Wild before running this race. Not only is Wild beautifully shot and acted, but it gives you real perspective on how badass the PCT is (and, ever the dirtbag, I’d like to mention, you also get to see Reese Witherspoon naked in it).
That majority of this course is single track, which adds to technicality, but also adds to the wonder because single track facilitates interaction with all the amazing racers. Everyone that I experienced on this course was fun, nice and supportive. Basically everything you look for in a runner. Not only are the racers great but the aid stations, and subsequently the people working them, are legit. Big shout-out to the Coyotes manning the first aid station rockin’ the 80s style.
The trail makes me feel like I’m on an Indiana Jones adventure, pretty much all the motivation you should need to run this race. If that’s not enough, the after party is BYOB (bring your own beer), plus, they had all the ingredients to make a Frito Pie…and you bet your ass I made one. Bring a cooler of beer and a lawn chair, and plan on hanging around in the mountains cheering on finishers and shooting the shit with all the other racers!
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Click here if you are the guy who documented my digger, I want that footage!  (Some random hiker was filming runners, and as I ran by I yelled “WOOOOOOOO” and raised the roof, like a clown.  I ate shit toward the camera, like five feet away from him…it’s bound to be a pretty hilarious clip!)

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