So it’s time to remodel that bathroom of yours after the attempt to make bathtub gin resulted in Season 1; Episode 2 of Breaking Bad. May we suggest creating an Art Deco vibe? Although it had its peak in the 1920s and 1930s, Art Deco is re-trending in 2020. Hence the birth of these purple goodr sunglasses with subtle Art Deco detailing along the arms and etched into the lens. So once you get your floor patched up, think of your bathroom as a blank canvas and start to get inspired from the past.

Art Deco is a symbol of luxury, glamor, exuberance, and faith in social and technological advancements. The style first appeared around World War I, but continued to influence architecture, furniture, jewelry, fashion, cars, movie theaters, ocean liners, and even modern appliances like vacuum cleaners and radios for years to come. Its characteristics include bold geography, rich colors, and careful detailing. Here are three simple ways you can turn your throne room into an Art Deco work of art:


Make your bathroom scream, “ART DECO!!!” with the right furniture. A marble vanity with brass geometric decor and fixtures will make you look much richer than you are. Might we suggest topping it off with a matching brass sunburst mirror, a popular style in the 1920s. Marble is pretty cheap, right? Should be doable to just fill the place with marble. 


Consider black glossy tiles with brass accents for a chic and bold, yet masculine feeling space. A more cost-effective option is Art Deco printed wallpaper; remember to take into account the high humidity level of bathrooms. Peeling wallpaper is not cute. Also, be sure to ask your landlord, we are not responsible for the forfeiture of your security deposit. 


Complete your Art Deco bathroom remodel with a chandelier! Get glamorous with decorations. Glass, mirrors, and all the brass and copper detailing you can find. The more chandeliers, the better. 

VOILÀ!!! That’s all it takes. Now. Go shit in it.