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Running Superstar Kara Goucher Joins the goodr Flamboyance

By May 7, 2018 October 16th, 2018 No Comments


We have some HUGE NEWS!!! We now have a two-time Olympian in our ambassadr program, the goodr Flamboyance AND, as such, competitor in our next goodr G.A.M.S. (Gluttonous + Alcoholic Mile Series) event: The Rosé Mile!*
We first learned that Kara loved goodrs from a friend forwarding us an Instagram post she made in goodrs.  We hadn’t even sent them to her, she BOUGHT THEM HERSELF. Which, obviously, made us feel pretty great. Since then, we’ve been lightly courting (stalking?) her — sending her goodrs in the mail with each of our limited edition color line releases — and now our dreams have come true!
Read Kara’s Flamboyance profile here and check out her website here.
The world’s most athletic rosé drinkers (a surprisingly large Venn diagram overlap), including Kara, will compete in the third installment of the goodr G.A.M.S. (Gluttonous + Alcoholic Mile Series): the Rosé Mile.
The goodr G.A.M.S. are a series of athletic challenges in which competitors run mile-long races with each quarter mile punctuated by the ravenous consumption of either an alcoholic beverage or food in quantities large enough to probably (hopefully?) make them ill.  At the Rosé Mile, athletes will challenge themselves and others to see how quickly they can finish a bottle of rose while running a mile as fast as they can.*
To learn more about the Rosé Mile and to sign-up for our email list so you can apply to run it when the time comes, click here.

*As a special note to the International Olympic Committee, we are open to discussing the inclusion of the Rosé Mile in their next competitive athletic gathering. (And we’d like to point out, we even followed your draconian rules about saying the “O” word in our post! Only once, above,  did we mention that Kara competed twice for some big event you throw every four years, out of respect to her as an athlete. Okay, and then I guess we did say it once in this footnote, in your name. Just look what a good Olympic partner we’d be! Ah crap — that one was just an accident. OLYMPIAN! Shoot, now it’s just coming out at random…)