Introducing BIKE goodr. This new line of performance sunglasses is for cyclists who think riding is fun and want to look good(r) while doing it. Whether bib short bobbin’ down the bike path or bombin’ down mountains, biking is fun, so give Morpheus and Trinity their sunglasses back and join the party!

SUPER FLY goodrs, six pairs of hip 70s-inspired sunglasses have all of the performance AND all of the groovy. Dig?

Bike goodr Manifesto

If you show up and ride, you are a cyclist…your time and miles are just numbers.

Treat all your friends like Goose treated Maverick, Spock treated Kirk or Thelma treated Louise (except you don’t have to die for them… but you should want to).

Live with purpose or live with a porpoise.

Regular maintenance builds character… when you mess it up at home, you keep your LBS in business.

Don’t stop moving until you’re dead (and even then, consider zombification).

Judge your rides not by your pace, but by the chest bumps, sweaty hugs, and consensual booty smacks you give.

Own your gear, don’t let your gear own you (aka, the Tyler Durden rule).

It’s not about the destination, but how you get there… and making sure you party along the way.

Always risk the vanilla for a chance at the rocky road.

When pain shows up yell, “SHUT UP LEGS” in a German accent and keep pushing (until you can have a beer).

Keep your head on a swivel and ride like everyone & everything is trying to kill you.

Peter Sagan is people too.

KOM? Nah. Pedal hard and then be the KOB.

Enjoy the uphill climbs as much as the downhill coasts. (Ooohhh and it’s a rich metaphor for life, too!)

Look good, bike goodr.

Welcome To Our Newest And Grooviest Flamboyance Member…

goodr Flamboyance Membr and sponsored athlete, Mark Skids, aided in creating a cycling sunglasses model that would help cyclists look as good as he does. Learn more about Mark Skids and goodr’s research and development process in the BIKE Anthem video below. It will probably definitely change your life.