Our mission statement pretty much says what we’re about: We’re recklessly committed to fun…blah blah blah, sunglasses.

We love a world where jerks are a positive thing, a snatch is not just a movie in which you can’t understand wtf anyone is saying, and a firebreather is not a carnival freak. In this world, a six pack means abs (and in the unlikely situation that it is about beer, it’s only light or gluten free, obvi).  Even if your goal was camaraderie and building strength to start, the side effect of that is a great looking body. Don’t insult your muscles by rocking ugly shades.

BEAST Manifesto

If you show up to train, you are a BEAST…your time or reps are just numbers.

Treat all your friends like Goose treated Maverick, Spock treated Kirk or Thelma treated Louise (except you don’t have to die for them… but you should want to).

Live with purpose or live with a porpoise.

The muddy path to success is slow and…muddy.

Don’t stop moving until you’re dead (and even then, consider zombification).

Judge your gainz by the chest bumps, sweaty hugs, and consensual booty smacks you give.

Own your gear, don’t let your gear own you (aka, the Tyler Durden rule).

Climb that wall, dive head first into that ice bath, for you are a warrior. Or you’re clinically insane — who cares?!

Always risk the vanilla for a chance at the rocky road.

When pain shows up, find a place to put it (until you can have a beer).

Win or lose, celebrate each athlete. But if you won, just be sure to gloat a little bit.

Challenges ignite the fire within us so we can then jump over the fire. There’s never a bad time to rock a party tank, except at a funeral.

Build bonds, laugh, grunt, cry, grunt again, break through your fear. But, did you die?

Look good, BEAST goodr.

Welcome To Our Newest And Badassy-est Flamboyance Member…

Government Name: Amelia Boone

BEAST Name: Queen of Pain, Esq.

You CAN’T Handle The Truth! Actually, you can, which is why we are pleased to announce the Queen of Obstacle Course Racing, Amelia Boone to the goodr Flamboyance! That’s right, the teal sunglass donning beauty (but also a BEAST) has joined forces with us to bring you her very own signature shade. Amelia personally injected her blood, sweat, and guts into each pair…not really, she needs her strength.