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In a Running Rut? Try Drawing Carl (Like Expert Run Artist, Gene Lu)

By August 15, 2019 No Comments

Let’s face it, running sucks sometimes. Even the legend that is our CEO, Carl the Flamingo, has trouble getting out the door from time to time to flock out those miles. So what do you do when that “running block” hits and you find yourself dreading that weekly run around the oasis? Take a tip from expert run artist, Gene Lu, and draw something on your next run. Better yet, draw Carl the Flamingo on your run!

Carl was so enamored with this run-drawing of himself, that he sat down with Gene to ask him about his process.

Carl: I didn’t think anyone could capture my good looks on GPS but you managed to do it. How do you make a run-drawing so photorealistic?

Gene: First, I take a logo or photo of the intended design, in this case, you. Then I sketch out the general shape on paper. After I sketch the design, I look for unique elements of the outline. For you, I focused on the way your head curled up as well as your back tail. Oh, and I also noted your long legs.

Carl: (Blushing) 

Gene: I started the actual mapping by finding where your tail could live on the map and then built the rest of the drawing from there. Knowing how to breakdown the drawing is key to recreating it on a map.

Carl: Some people knit, some people paint model cars — this is your…hobby? Why?

Gene: It first started out of a desire to break out of my typical run routine. Once I actually started doing it, I saw additional value outside of simply making my run more exciting. Run-drawing helped me to see and notice more in my neighborhood. Additionally, it helped me to connect my running to things that were happening in my life. After the red wedding episode of Game of Thrones, I run-drew  as a way to help me mourn the season.

Carl: Why’d you have to bring THAT up?! JEEEEEZ. Come on, man. (Starts to choke up and catches himself) 

(Awkward pause)

Gene: What are you — are you crying?? 

Carl: Let’s move on. What has been your favorite run-drawing?

Gene: Probably Runner Girl…

Carl: (Loudly clears his throat)

Gene: After you, of course.

Carl: Thank you. Are you training for anything right now?

Gene: My next drawing!

Carl: It will be me again, I trust.  Maybe in a fall lewk?

Gene: You’ll have to wait and follow me to find out!

Carl: I am the followed, not the follower.  But, I want the people reading this to follow — I would if my PR agency permitted it. 


If you want to check out Gene’s page, or a step by step on how to draw Carl the next time you are in Manhattan, please check out the link below: