Some role models come in the form of history teachers, the parent that never says “no” to sleepovers, that cool snowboard instructor your third-grade brain idolized; heck, if you’re a middle-aged man, where are my Laird Hamilton super fans?! Point is, we all have our icons. At goodr these icons exist as six sunglasses that we believe truly set the bar for future styles to come. Like Janet Jackson’s Nipplegate of Super Bowl XXXVIII, these are the sunglasses you saw at that race expo and couldn’t stop staring at. With that in mind, we decided to bring ‘em back and take ‘em up a notch. Each pair has its own sexy artistic print down the arm showcasing the unique personality of all six styles.


Find a design that fits your flair and become your own icon with goodr’s Limited Edition Iconic Remix sunnies. 


Caution: You will likely get stopped for autographs while wearing these. They’re just that iconic.

Iconic Remix Introduction