There’s an old legend, wiped from the history books and only told through oral traditions, about a traveling ice bathing wizard who could cure you beyond your wildest dreams. It’s unclear how long this bathing, healing, wizard lived, but we know he was homies with the Romans and their championing for bathing and cleanliness. The tales we’ve heard state that upon getting sore, torn, or damaged muscles (most likely in an epic battle, obviously, you Roman warrior you), you could summon the wizard to come to you by shouting out to the sky, “Great goodr sunglasses, the color of the sky. Polarized and oh so tight, will you please make me feel alright!” No one knew what any of that meant. It was basically all Greek to them. Then, as if appearing from thin air, the wizard would float in, like a magic carpet, but in an ice bath. You would have to join the wizard in the ice bath and within moments, you’d be ready to take the world on again. No one can recall the name of this bathing wizard. They only remember what it felt like… Magic.

Bet you wish this kind of sorcery existed after your first week of CrossFit. You know, that week you had to sit on your bottom and slide down the stairs at work… If only you had these BEAST goodrs to hide the tears in your eyes, then maybe you could’ve saved yourself the humiliation and suffered walking down the stairs like a big kid.

blue goodr beast sunglasses