Back in the summer of ‘71, the goodr crew and a horrible employee named Rob, who has since vanished, embarked with a bunch of Flamingos on a Booze Cruise. Led by Carl, King of Flamingos, now our CEO (…man, a lot can happen in 48 years). Read the full story here.

The flamboyance enjoyed our company so much, that they invited us to retreat to The Oasis at the conclusion of the cruise. The after party, after the after party.

We’ve since lost exclusive access to The Oasis… see the singular rule below… harder to obey than you’d think… However, we created these extra special shades in hopes to win back the trust of the flock leaders.

What’s The Oasis? So glad you asked!

Ahhhh, The Oasis, it is a hangover dreamland. An invite-only sanctuary in your mind filled with all of the best hydrational beverages, shady nooks, and friendly flamingos casually slurping down shrimp. If you think your sloshing stomach can handle it, the flamingos are known to share a shrimp or two with the guests of The Oasis. Some claim that the shrimp in The Oasis have magical healing properties. Three shrimp and your hangover is gone for good. Cocktail sauce optional and available upon request.

The trick to making friends with the flamingos: Show up wearing a pair of these polarized pink reflective lens sunglasses with a flamingo print on the arm. The flamboyance really like how pink they look in the reflection of the lenses. Come to find out, flamingos are a little bit narcissistic. They’ll wait on you hand and foot in The Oasis just so they can catch a glimpse of their fresh as flock feathers in these iconic sunglasses. Coconut fried shrimp, shrimp scampi, the possibilities are endless once you’ve captured the attention of a flamingo in The Oasis. There is only one rule: No puking in The Oasis. Know your hangover-nursing limits, and remember… humans really aren’t meant to consume shrimp in large doses… no matter how tempting it may be.

goodr pink sunglasses on the beach