Carl LaMingo had been staring at the note for an hour and didn’t feel like he understood it any better than when he first saw the thing. In fact, he felt like he understood it less. He would have to bring it to his editor in the morning, but he had hoped to figure out something about what it meant.  

Carl massaged the bridge of his nose. These damn symbols were giving him a headache.  Why did that maniac have to send this to him!? Of all the journalists in the city?  

He put the note down and stared out the window at the park, letting out a huge sigh. No matter what it said, there was no way this was going to end well. 

(This is a real cryptogram, can YOU help Carl solve it???)

Zodiac Cipher

…And if you can’t, grab a pair of these polarized sunnies and head out for a run! It might be a more productive way to spend your afternoon.