Everyone knows that when you look good, you run goodr. That continues to ring true for humans and now, caterpillars, as evidenced by the recent victory at the Berlin Marathon Expo with Team RADepilliar.

Coming in with the official time of 04:53, this four-person caterpillar broke the Guinness World Record for fastest marathon in a 4-person costume. They beat the previous record holder (a Viking Ship) by a total of 10 minutes. Sarah Mattison, Nam Gip, Chain Lee and Michael Wong’s metamorphosis become complete after crossing the finish line where they became beautiful butterflies. We spy two members of the team sporting some goodrs (don’t worry, we’ve sent a box of goodrs to the team so everyone can look as dope as Sarah and Nam. We’re drinking Guinness to celebrate their achievement.

Clearly, goodr gives you wings.**

Read more about their adventure on their blog here.

**This statement has not been approved by Red Bull, which also gives you wings. If you drink Red Bull AND wear goodrs, your wings will be exponentially larger. Hashtag science.

Look good, play goodr

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