Guess who will be at the finish line of the New York City Marathon???

If you guessed Beyoncé and Jay, you’re totally wrong (probably). Go on, we’ll give you a second guess. Hint: He’s pink, loves shrimp and squawks like a motha flocka…ummm, no, not Ryan Seacrest. That’s a weird guess.

 It’s goodr’s CEO, Carl the Flamingo, and he’s swooping in to save your tired, limping, post-marathon self from making the 8-block trek back to the hotel/oasis/nearest bar/etc.

Picture it: You stumble over the final timing mat, get lassoed with a medal, wrap up like a hot potato, and stock up on all the bananas, bars, cookies, free protein shakes, chocolate milk, and potato chips you can carry. Check. Grocery shopping is done for the day. You sit down and try to find your friends. Enjoy the last bit of runner’s high and decide you better get moving before rigor mortis sets in. Running really is the greatest!

goodr at NYC Marathon

Your chariot… PEDICAB awaits! Just flash your goodrs, and the ride is on us! It’s like Cinderella, except instead of wearing glass slippers your feet will probably feel like you walked on broken glass. It’ll be okay. We can’t fully take the pain away, but let us be your fairy godmother and get you to where you need to go! (May we suggest somewhere that serves an extra boozy piña colada?)

In case you miss us at the finish-line, or oddly prefer to zombie crawl home on your own, there are some other fun opportunities to hang with us in the Big Apple.

Come see us Friday, Nov 1st  at Jack Rabbit Columbus Circle for a shakeout run at 7am. 

Or, bring your goodrs to Jack Rabbit Columbus Circle on Monday Nov 4th between 11-2 and have your time engraved on your glasses! FO FREE! Medals are cool, but there is nothing like wearing your PR on your face.

Address for Columbus Circle Store

10 Columbus Cir, New York, NY 10019


If you haven’t bought running sunglasses for race day yet, these Limited Edition 2019 NYC Marathon goodrs have your name all over them!

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