When that swipe to the right turns into happily ever after. #tindergoals 

This is the story of two run brands that came together and made a limited-edition collaboration like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

Saucony running shoes x goodr polarized sunglasses

goodr CEO, Carl the Flamingo, has long desired to be properly represented on a running shoe. So when the sexy silhouette of the Saucony Kinvara 10 popped up on his fave dating app, the drool began to drip from his beak.

Saucony was an early adopter of the goodr brand when they joined forces to create a custom glass for their 2016 RunBox. Making history as one of goodr’s first co-brands; a partnership as near and dear to Carl’s heart as his love for a strong piña colada.

Over 14 months of courtship, yet another star was born! This Friday, October 11th, get your cigars and bubbles ready as we introduce the “Sauc’ It, Squawk It & Rock-It,” Saucony x goodr ultimate co-lab experience! The theme, how this kit will make you feel like you will spontaneously combust into a party on your run, was inspired by the name, which comes from:

Sauc’ It = Saucony (duh)

Squawk It  = goodr (Carl’s signature SQUAWWWWK)

Rock It = a clever double entendre meaning “to wear” and a homophone for “rocket” meaning to run as if you’re being propelled by a jet engine through space

What to expect? Polarized sunglasses perfectly paired with the 10th generation iconic lightweight, fast AF shoe, with a party ready to explode from the inside!

We took our classic white sunglasses box and did a reverse honey-I-shrunk-the-kids to it. Upon opening, you’ll be wowed with a color explosion as you reveal beautifully crafted navy blue with teal and coral accented Kinvara 10s. *Commence drooling.* With cleverly placed reflective materials these shoes were designed with safety and function in mind (please, however, don’t run down the middle of a dark street, mmmkay?). The shoe’s interior is overflowing with goodr’s “Drunk Flamingo” print. Always a devil for the details, Carl went so far as to request contrasting interior heel padding. Soooo prettttty. Also a bit of an egoist, as we all know (hope you’re not reading this, boss)… an image of Carl himself is cleverly placed along the outer heel spine and goodr branding is laser hit on the soles. Packaged with three sets of different colored laces, the options for customization are endless! Or, if you do math, we think it means you could actually wear these 15 different ways…or 18? We don’t know, someone do the math. Permutation? Combination. Who cares, these shoes are HOT!

Saucony running shoe x goodr polarized sunglasses

Where were we?  Right, talking you through an unboxing of this dope co-lab. Next, you’ll find goodr’s OG Runner’s World Gear of the Year polarized shades with a color palette and design elements perfectly mirroring your new favorite running shoes, down to the radical purple-pink reflective lenses. The goal was to create a unique experience, turning all of your future running, fast-walking, crawling, or flying adventures into combustible party magic!

Carl and Saucony are enjoying their honeymoon now and are looking toward a bright future with more beautiful co-lab babies to come!

AVAILABLE FRIDAY OCTOBER 11th @ goodr.com and saucony.com

Additionally, we will be at the Fleet Feet booth at the Chicago Marathon Expo!

On October 14th you’ll be able to find this killer kit at 100 select retail locations.