SQUAWWWK! We’re headed to Chi-Town! The Windy City! The Big Onion! (Really, Chicago? The Big Onion?) Carl the Flamingo and Co. will be joining the 44,000+ runners and 1.7 million spectators this year at the Chicago Marathon. Thankfully, we’ll be easy to spot amongst the masses… just follow the pink feathers and party vibes to the Fleet Feet booth during the Expo at McCormick Place, October 11th and 12th.

Saucony x goodr Chicago Marathon

If “taper week” translates to “party week” and you accidentally leave your shoes + sunnies at home (do it, we dare you!), goodr x Saucony has your hungover asses (well, actually, just your feet and eyes…) covered with our limited-edition, badass  SAUC’ IT, SQUAWK IT, & ROCK IT co-lab kit.

If “taper week” translates to “rest up before the big day” and you’ve got some extra energy to burn… remember those cash grabbing booths from 90s game shows? (80s game shows? 70s game shows? All of the above?) Yeah, we got one. So look for that as you’re perusing vendor tables for free swag. Except ours won’t be filled with grimey dollah billz yo. Actually, we think it’s EVEN BETTER than boring cash… it’s The Spontaneous Party Combustion Simulator!

What does that even MEAN??? Our design theme for the Kinvara 10 and OG sunnies co-lab is all about sleek and stylish on the outside and a drunken flamingo party on the inside. Our mission: We want you to feel like your inner party animal is doing all of the running for you. (You can thank us later with your post-race Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale.)

Our lawyer said we have to actually tell you what we’re talking about. So, yes, it’s a cash-grabbing booth, but instead of cash, we are filling it with LOTS OF PINK FEATHERS, plus coupons you can score to win some AWESOME PRIZES! Even more fun, you can nab video and photos while you’re in there — just imagine the IG dopamine hits you’ll get from everyone commenting and liking your IG story!

If small enclosed spaces or getting tickled by a thousand feathers at once isn’t your jam, come by to snag a lucky pair of polarized sunglasses for the run or be the first of your friends to rock the F out of these killer kicks and matching shades.

Fun Fact: Did you know that it takes two days to clean up all the geese poop in Grant Park in preparation for the race?! Personally, we’d rather drink a Goose Island than step in one. Flamingos wouldn’t do that to you. Jus sayin’.

goodr x Saucony Chicago Marathon