From the rap battle to the AMRAP, these polarized sunglasses will make sure you don’t miss a beat. Here is some proof if you don’t believe us:


-To the beat of the moment-

Ladies and gentlemen, listen up you fools

I’m a work you so hard your armpits drool!

Lift both your hands up and repeat after me

“How many reps can I get in before I bleed?”

The name of the game is AS MANY REPS AS POSSIBLE

You think you got what it takes to take the plunge? LET’S GET NAUTICAL!

Drop down and give me 50, thats a reasonable number.

Don’t break that shit up, ONE SET! Did I stutter?

Hmm, impressive. Should I like what I see?

You’re no princess of pain, more like the PRINCESS AND THE PEA!

Alright alright alright, let’s get back to business

How many squats do you got? That’ll get that ass hot…

Oh, too forward? I apologize for the rudeness

I thought we’re here to build muscle, tears won’t make it hurt less!

The workout is nearly over, are you feeling satisfied?

Let’s take it one step further and reach for the sky

Last set of the day, pull-ups until you’re dead

Call me when you’re done, I’ll be down at the bar…

Sincerely, your arch-enemy and best friend   -Coach Ted

gangster crossfit sunglasses