Hungover? We’ve all been there, and we’ve all heard the same shit. Hydrate, eat breakfast, sleep (as if). Well here at goodr we believe the best cure for a hangover is a largely debated tactic known as Hair of the Dog. We did our own version of Myth Busters here at the goodr Lagoon, and this myth was NOT busted.

Our experiment was conducted at the goodr Alcoholic Drink Laboratory, which has recently been upgraded from a Motel 6 bathroom outfitted with a camp stove, to the backroom at the goodr Cabana. #progressnotperfection 

goodr’s recent crew of new hires willingly volunteered to be the guinea pigs. Such champs. We used our epic quarterly meeting last month, known as goodrSTOCK, as our kickoff to conduct this highly anticipated experiment. On the final night of the event, we made sure to deprive the three new hires of food and provided an open tiki bar stocked with cute fancy drinks that they could not refuse. [Chicago friends– just imagine Three Dots and a Dash minus the tab, cool cups included.] The morning after we convened at the Cabana, crafting several fine cocktails to see which one was the most powerful hangover cure.

The results: An obvious winner. A magnificent drink known as Phoenix at a Bloody Mary Bar. Instant cure. Check out the recipe here

Next time you’re wallowing in regrets while slumped over a toilet, give the goodr hangover cure a try. Be forewarned, this shit gets fiery. Protect your eyes with these iconically remixed red polarized sunglasses.

man and women playing in bloody mary with fire red polarized sunglasses