March 3, 2020


An old style has become a new rage in athletic apparel. Marathon runners, CrossFit athletes, cyclists, and even yogis have flipped the fashion tables by wearing form-fitting fringe dresses during their sport. From the average Joes’ practice, to professional competitions, the 2020 tech gear of choice is all about that sweat drippin’ fringe.

We know what you’re thinking, why fringe?! It’s all in the sway. Properly weighted fringe acts as a metronome. The athlete’s movement sets the fringe in motion and provides an auditory and physical cue to help keep the athlete in rhythm. This has proven especially helpful in long endurance events.

Athleisure brands are experimenting with different performance fabrics to dial in the perfect weight-to-sway ratio. Particularly technical brands have suggested different grams of fringe per body size and specific activity. 

What triggered the fringe boom?! A Los Angeles man won a series of local races, a 5K, 10K, and half marathon wearing nothing but a knee-length fire red fringe dress (plus some Saucony running shoes and a pair of matching red goodr sunglasses). It’s likely that the well-chosen, highly functional, polarized sunglasses contributed to his victory as well.

The USATF, USAC, and USAFF, have not yet banned fringe from their official competitions, however it is currently under review as a potential performance enhancer. Until officially cleared, it is recommended athletes stick to goodr running sunglasses before converting their entire athletic wardrobes to 1920s inspired fringe dresses. This notice might be too late for many of you.