When Mike Wallburg won the lead role of Dirk Doggler in the film Bikie Nights he was in over his head. The movie was expected to be the be-all, end-all depiction of the nitty-gritty world of the 1970s and 80s bike culture, and Dirk, the epitome of bad boy bikers of the golden days, was a role that would surely make or break Mike’s career.

It was a far meatier part than any he had previously taken on, and young Mike was a wreck. He couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep. He studied Stanislavski, Meisner, Day-Lewis. He lived, breathed, drank, and smoked biking. Still, his performance was not up to snuff, and the studio was dangerously close to giving him the boot. 

One day, by chance or by divine intervention of Dionysus himself, Mike was cycling around the velodrome in Encino, and came across the inspiration he so desperately needed in the form of another cyclist by the name of Mark Skids. Skids was a vision in cut-off jorts, a stache that just wouldn’t quit, and the most glorious sunglasses Mike had ever seen. Mike broke the ice by complimenting Mark on his sweet shades, and explained the predicament he was in. Mark told him through a heavy exhalation of cigarette smoke that he understood the situation, and would be happy to help coach him. 

From that day on, for the next few weeks, Mike and Mark were inseparable. In addition to teaching him bike tricks, observing Mark’s arrogance and raw douchebag-ery quickly helped Mike build the framework for the Dirk Doggler character we now all know and love. In their last days before filming began, Mark presented Mike with a pair of smooth black aviators with electric green gradient lenses. These beauties were used in the film and became absolutely iconic.

While the real pair might be in the Smithsonian, we here at goodr have released a near perfect replica in honor of one of the greatest films of all time. Aptly named, “Dirk’s Inflation Station,” these super stylish shades will make you feel like a king and will have you yelling: “I’m the star. It’s my big bike, and I say when we roll!”