Earlier this summer, in the small country far, far away (somewhere between France and Spain in the Pyrenees), a group of ultra trail runners embarked upon Andorra’s many peaks and picturesque views for a 170km (105 miles) race. After a ridiculous amount of elevation gain (44,ooo+ m), probably a ton of ultra suffering, and a bagpipe player to serenade you after your climb up Mt. Comapedrosa, the tallest peak in Andorra, American Darcy Piceu snagged the win as the first female finisher. Over three hours ahead of the next female finisher, she crushed the course in 36 hours and 14 minutes.

Clearly, she had some flamingo help along the way with her co-branded Sufferfest Beer goodrs. Check out her after race interview in Andorra Ultra Trail’s Facebook post here.