Ready to get your 6-pack tighhhttt for the New Year? Well, we most certainly are NOT. Here at goodr we’re all about FUN, and TBH, what’s the fun in restrictive meal plans, hours of lost playtime in a sweat box… you know the struggle, we don’t need to remind you. Welcome to Carl’s Anti-Resolutions, a 6-phase plan to do the opposite of improve this New Year!

I, Carl will be announcing six workouts (well…”workouts”) that will be sure to make you slide backwards on reaching your fitness goals, with all the same confidence you’d feel achieving them! Each workout relates to one of goodr’s six new limited edition OG polarized sunglasses. Runner’s World deemed them gear of the year– but no worries, you don’t actually need to run in them… or do any sort of physical activity (short of lifting that food into your piehole)…as that might lead to improvement, which is not a part of my plan.

Your Sunday meal prep requirements are… NOTHING. Go ahead and add, cheeseburgers, chocolate, ice cream, donuts, tacos, and beer to your shopping lists. In that order. No intermittent fasting necessary.

If sunglasses with little reminders of your favorite foods (yes, beer counts as food), printed on the frames excites you, then get ready, because your new treasured no slip, no bounce, all polarized shades are available now. 

Cancel that gym membership, Carl’s gotchu.

* Note: We will not be offended if you decide to stick to slaying those #goals instead of following Carl’s plan…these can just be your cheat meal sunnies instead. 

goodr new year sunglasses