CALLING ALL BAD ASS MOTHER FUCKERS! Yeah, we said two swears in the first sentence. Whatchya gunna do about it? If Samuel Jackson gets free range of English slang, we can too right?

It’s time to throw down. Go ham. CHARGE. 5…4…3…2…1… the WOD is about to begin. The anticipation is swelling within. You have to pee, but it’s too late.

“BEEEEEP!” The clock chirps, “GO!” the trainer yells. Your inner fire surges, full send mode ACTIVATED. Tunnel vision to the finish. Focused AF.

That RX weight feeling good bro?

Dude, you were late to the warmup, how are you also late to the workout?

Is that your phone propped up with a 25# plate on the box in the corner?

Hey, you sureee that was full extension at the top??!!

Wait… you’re only a minute in, no way you did 64 reps, I demand a recount!

Are you wearing wrist wraps with those 10 pound dumbbells?

No matter what gym stereotype resonates with you, you’re a BAMF and never forget it.

Celebrate your badassery with goodr’s new line of BEAST goodr BFG sunglasses ideal for CrossFit, OCR and other forms of extreme workouts developed by evil tormentors and proliferated to the masses. The sunglasses have also been tested and proven effective at outdoor social events, such as beerfests.

Since goodr’s release of the BFGs (Big F*cking goodrs) in February of 2018, goodr has officially confirmed the age-old theory that bigger is better for some consumers. Whether bigger shades are necessary to accommodate a larger-sized head, or just preferred to provide more coverage of an average or even small-sized head, these frames feature goodr’s classic no slip, no bounce, all polarized awesomeness. They even have enhanced silicon grips around the nose and ear touchpoints for enhanced comfort and enhanced stay-puttedness (the enhanced scientific term defined as staying put on a face.)

The BAMF Gs come in the six original colorways of goodr’s OG style frame in the larger BFG frame for BEASTS. For a fun jab at the BEAST community, each colorway corresponds with a favorite box or gym stereotype:

The Rx Crew (Beezlebub’s)

The Self-Filmers (Do You Even Pistol, Flamingo?)

The Bad Form Folks (That Orange Crush Rush)

The Noobs (Ice Bathing with Wizards)

The Late Jerks (METCONing for Meatballs)

The No Rep Squad (Iced by Sas-squat)


Oh shittt… GOTCHYA, there was a second part to that workout! Every CrossFit athletes’ FAVORITE! RUNNING! Sandbags! You’re getting herded outside! Grab a pair of these BEAST goodr sunglasses. QUICK! And go SLAY the rest of your day.

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