It is the peak of summer and the box is boiling. If the sweat was flowing any faster your clothes would slip right off, just like you did on that pull-up bar. Flock it! You take the chalk bucket and dump it on the ground. Not enough. Get the other chalk bucket. Pour it out. There are chunks in it. Might as well break them up. You stomp it out. Full rage mode. It’s all a fine powder now. Purrrrfect. Your eyes are wild as you, STOP, DROP, and ROLL in your chalk pile. 

The gym owner, now finally done setting up intervals on the clock, sees what you’re up to. His face is a fire of fury. “HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO CLEAN UP CHALK???!???!!!” He says with a tone that clearly means: It’s time to battle. What’s happening?! A horn is growing out of the gym owner’s head. You’re getting a massive pimple. Nope. That’s a horn too. WHAT’S HAPPENING!?????!

Stay tuned for Part II. 

Take that intensity and dropkick it into your sunglasses. That’s what we did with these OG shades. Go. Flocking. Charge.

chalk crossfit sunglasses