These spellbinding sunglasses were inspired from an earlier pair known to the ministry of magic by the name of Sunbathing With Wizards. Preceding the development of these shades, goodr founders went through an elaborate scheme to get the famous wizards, and trail runners, Gandalf and Dumbledore to endorse these running sunglasses. It involved becoming pool boys, and lots of sunscreen…. You can read about the whole ordeal here

Fortunately, the pitch was a success, in more ways than one. The great wizards happily agreed to rock the shades after testing them during a casual jaunt on Kilimanjaro and shared with us a spell, a spell that inspired a new pair of legendary sunglasses. Proceed at your own risk. Casting spells with zero training has been known to be quite dangerous.


CASTING TIME: 13 minutes

YOU WILL NEED: 4”-8” piece of aloe plant, form of electronic payment, connection to the internet

DIRECTIONS: Cut off a 4 inch to 8 inch piece of aloe plant. Must be a real plant. Faux plants are not acceptable. This is your wand. Now, chant this incantation 3x, increase in speed each time. While chanting wave your aloe wand in the air like you just don’t care (but trust me you do because this spell could be the difference between life and death).

Shabloop-a-doop, a-dink-a-do

Yoda and Merlin, I conjure you! 

Fla-shop-a-mop, and a Dumbledore too,

We gather the icons, the wizards of woo.

Shabing-blah-ming-pa, where my cat at?

Yeah, Salem, I’m talking to you.

Hickley-pickley-this aloe plant just prickled me.

Don’t stop, here comes the beat drop…

Abracadamn, aloe KAZAM!


If done successfully, all of your burns or skin ailments will be healed and a pair of these iconic remixed magical blue polarized sunglasses will make their way to your face in the next few days.* 

*Successful spell also requires following this link to and purchasing a pair of these sunglasses, then putting them onto your face.**

**Did you really think the spell was going to work like magic? Awwwww, that’s cute.

girl holding aloe plants with magician and blue sunglasses on