Phew! You did it, you just ran the Tokyo Marathon! We hear that security is tight at this race, so if you were one of the runners that had your banana and water confiscated before the waiting game at the start for the gun to go off even started, then you must be even more hungry than the average marathoner. Plus, with roughly 37,500 runners, that finish area is a wild bitch. All you want to do is go find some real food, but you can’t even find your cheer squad. That hot potato blanket can only keep you warm for so long, and it’s only moments before that sweet smile of running success turns into a hangry scowl.

Don’t worry though, these red and white 2020 Tokyo Marathon goodrs will surely brighten your day! Unfortunately, we haven’t invented an edible pair yet, so you’ll still be hungry. That’s why we put together this list of five foods to try while you’re playing around in Tokyo: 

1. Pancakes in a bag: Because pancakes on a plate are so last year. Tokyo is also known for their fluffy souffle pancakes, but we’ve heard the gas station bagged ones are something you must get your hands on.

2. Rainbow grilled cheese: There is something magical about Tokyo’s rainbow grilled cheese. It’s like they infused yummy toasted bread with straight unicorn puree. Oh… that doesn’t sound appealing? You’re a vegetarian? Don’t worry, no unicorns were actually harmed in the making of this special treat. Head to Harajuku to find this delightful nibble.

3. Food served up on a conveyor belt: Also known as kaitenzushi (回転寿司) shops, order food and watch it roll up on a conveyor belt. This is the best if you’re extra hungry and anti-social! For ¥100, you get all you can eat, AND you even get to play a game with the conveyor belt while returning your dishes, with a chance to earn little trinket prizes. This is by far the best bang for your buck! Be sure to Google the instructional videos in English for a full tutorial of how it all works– unless you’re already pro at this, then strike that line.

4. Sushi: This is a staple in Tokyo! Good luck going to a restaurant that doesn’t serve some kind of rolled up seafood. Sushi became a thing in the 1820s when it was served up as a quick snack for Edoites at street stalls. Sushi as it is known today is referred to as Edomae sushi, or “Edo-style sushi.” Nowadays, you can indulge in classy AF sushi where you watch the master make the food in front of you, or grab some extra fresh noms from the fish market! No matter what– if you dig sushi, you should definitely make a point to get some while you’re in Tokyo!

5. Weird flavored Kit Kats: Matcha green tea Kit Kats? Yup, that’s a thing. No other country in the world has as many Kit Kat flavors as Japan. They have released over 200 new flavors since 2000! It’s possible that the popularity came to be because the pronunciation for Kit Kat in Japan is kitto katto, which sounds like kitto katsu, meaning “to surely win”, and therefore making the Kit Kat a good luck charm! Perhaps not the most substantial post-race meal, but definitely might take the edge off so you can get home and shower and go chow down at one of those conveyor belt restaurants!