So you’re in Los Angeles for the 35th edition of the L.A. Marathon?! You know people have enough trouble driving around this city without unnecessary street closures and 24,000 people running through the streets? Whatever, we’ll forgive you, especially if we catch you sporting these sky blue 2020 L.A. Marathon sunglasses. They give you free rein to fuck up traffic. Disclaimer: goodr can’t be held liable if a public officer disagrees with the previous statement…

If there is one piece of advice we can give you to enhance your visit to the City of Angels, it would be: Eat. A. Damn. Taco. Or ten. The best part about El Lay are the plethora of authentic Mexican joints. If there is one thing goodr loves more than running it is indeed TACOS! In fact, on goodr’s recent Booze Cruise to Mexico, 66% of the company skipped out on adventuring the streets of Ensenada because they’ve been spoiled with their own backyard taco trucks. We’ve decided to share our taco secrets with you, fine reader. Here is a list of our favorite hole-in-the-wall, street-side taco vendors– so while you’re running that 26.2 you have something to salivate over:

(1) Four votes for Guisados!

(2) The intersection of Olympic and La Brea. We’d tell you the name, but then we’d have to kill you.

(3) “Fashion Square Car Wash” parking lot in Sherman Oaks. Productivity at its finest. Clean your car while stuffing your face.

(4) The street taco stand in front of the Venice Whole Foods at Lincoln and Rose. Buy a $2 dollar taco and then blow the rest of your paycheck at Whole Foods.

(5) Leo’s Taco Truck: 1515 South La Brea Ave, Los Angeles… duh.

(6) Maria’s Ricos Tacos at Manchester and Cedar– a favorite office lunch at goodr.

(7) La Isla Bonita at 400 Rose in Venice

(8) Toni’s house! Yup, our product guy boasts that his kitchen has the best tacos in town. He wouldn’t give the Chief Publishing Pelican the coordinates to include in this blog, but you can look him and his dog Sigh up in the Yellow Pages.

(9) Yuca’s in Los Feliz. Don’t disrespect Mama. She’ll cut ya.

(10) And for those of you afraid of trying new things… :::cough::: Mike the sleazy digital marketer :::cough::: put Taco Bell in your GPS and prepare to be disappointed.

Like the best tacos, this list might seem a bit sloppy, but you won’t regret the taco adventure it takes you on. BONUS!!! If you email a picture of you at all 10 of these spots… okay 9, assuming you can’t find Toni’s house, we’ll send you a free pair of goodrs. GAME ON.