Ah the Boston Marathon. You made it. The marathon of marathons. The most prestigious road race in the world. The world’s oldest marathon! How proud you must make your parents. Alright, we’ll shut up. You’re really not that special. You could’ve just fundraised your way into it. But we get it, it’s not like selling Girl Scout cookies. If you’ve sold $5,000 worth of Girl Scout cookies, you’re a fucking boss and should probably apply to work here.

So what do you do now that you made it to the 2020 Boston Marathon? Step one, you buy these dope 2020 Boston Marathon navy and yellow goodr sunglasses. Nothing better to commemorate race day with. (Also, good luck finding something for under $25 in the “official” marathon merch tent…) Step two, you CELEBRATE!!! You ran your PR, now it’s time to hang tight and enjoy the adventure that is 26.2 miles partying through Boston.

We spoke to two course experts about the weirdest and most memorable experiences they’ve had while running Boston. Some of these may come as no surprise, but others are straight up special. We double dog dare you to top this list during your running of the 2020 Boston Marathon. And if you do, please email shelby@goodr.com with all the juicy details.

(1) Start by running with a 27-shot disposable camera and get ready to snap a picture at every mile. You won’t regret it.

(2) Chug a beer at a frat party. Spike the cup to the ground. Belly bump the bro next to you. Then peace out.

(3) Eat a steak. Smell for these around mile 9. You have an advantage here if you speak Spanish…or run prepared with a bilingual friend just in case negotiating is necessary. You just never know– we speak from experience.

(4) Take a picture with Santa. He sees you when you’re running, too.

(5) Hop in a quick steam shower. Sometimes New England weather will chill you straight to the bone. Find a mansion on Heartbreak Hill and heat up! Super score if they let you pop your clothes in the dryer. Better luck accomplishing this if you know someone…

(6) Make a snow angel in a pile of race cups.

(7) Kiss a Wellesley girl. And if you’re really baller, write “I love Wellesley,” on your belly and flash ‘em all! Guaranteed extra kisses. What are we talking about? Early into mile 13 you’ll know, as you run past a half mile wall of screaming college spectators looking for smooches.

(8) Remember the crowd loves to cheer for a guy (or gal) holding a beer bottle. It’s been noted that mile 9 is the perfect time to start drinking. However, if you’re looking for a more high end beverage, hold out for Heartbreak Hill, which is close to Boston College, and in a higher rent district. The parties here have a bit of a pinky up vibe, meaning you might be lucky enough to score a local microbrew wheat ale with an orange slice, sangria, or vodka with a splash of OJ.

(9) At mile 19 get a picture with the Young at Heart statue, a tribute to the late Johnny Kelley. Kelley ran Boston a spectacular 61 times and won the race twice! The statue depicts an old and young Johnny Kelley holding hands across the finish line. The perfect #inspo while you start to hit your wall.

(10) Miss Massachusetts is usually on course somewhere. She’s been spotted at mile 25 in the past. Hunt her down and get a selfie together. If there is one thing that can make you look even uglier while running it’s your sweaty face next to one of a perfectly painted on pageant beauty. (These are truly the moments sunglasses are handy… Jus’ sayin’.)

Whatever happens out there the name of the game is to have FUN! But, just know, if you don’t accomplish at least seven of these, it’s a DNF in our mind.